Chocolate Cheese Is The New Food People Can’t Live Without


People, chocolate cheese has officially been created. This tasty treat doesn’t sound appealing on the surface, but makes perfect sense the more you think about it.

What could go better with that creamy, salty taste of goodness, than a sweet, sugary taste of goodness, am I right?

This 8th wonder of the world features a mild and delicate blue cheese that is ripened with choco liqueur, the Choco 21 is topped with a sprinkling chocolate chips and cocoa powder.

Anna Burley, Curds & Whey owner, said “The blue itself is quite mild, and the liqueur adds the chocolate flavor without being sweet.”

Apparently a lot of people are catching on to this new trend as Choco 21 is reportedly out of stock in many shops due to heavier purchasing than expected.