Election Voting Broken Down By Demographics


To say the 2016 election was abnormal would be a drastic understatement! One month later people and news outlets are still attempting to piece together how Donald Trump was able to win despite losing the popular vote by almost 2.5 million votes.

So, here’s how Americans cast their vote by different demographic segments.  It may surprise you, or you may be completely what you expected.

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Donald Trump won the election in arguably the biggest upset in presidential election history. Not to mention, Congress will be run by the Republican party as they will keep control of the House and the Senate.

So how did we get here?

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Well, for starters Trump nabbed a surprising 276 electoral votes. Throughout the night, it was a very tight race that kept us on the edge of our seats.  Many of the swing states were anywhere from .01% difference of a vote to 1% difference.

According to the breakdown of votes, Trump had A LOT of silent support.

Not surprisingly, 58% of white voters voted for Trump and 37% voted for Clinton. White voters make up 69% of the electorate, according to exit polls.

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WHITE WOMEN voted 53% (some earlier reports originally said over 60%) for Trump and 43% for Clinton.

Hillary received 88% of the black vote.  And she also received about half of the millennial vote.

This statistic proves black people shouldn’t be solely blamed for the lost in the election, even though media has been trying to place some of the blame on African Americans. What’s shocking (or maybe not so shocking) is that so many white women still voted for Trump despite the ugly, sexist things he has said about women.  We have our thoughts on why this occurred, but that’s neither here nor there now.


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According to MSNBC, 49% of White voters with college degrees gave Trump  their vote, Clinton copped 45% of that group. Hmph.  As previously predicted, white voters with no college degree voted in droves for Trump — to the tune of 67%.

29% of Latinos voted for Trump. Shocker.

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Voters earning less than $50,000 a year gave Clinton 52% of their vote, while 41% of that group voted for Trump. Meanwhile, 49% of voters who earn more than $50,0000 year voted for Trump and 47% voted for Clinton.

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So you see, Trump had several supporters who made their voice heard loud and clear at the polls.

We’ve seen this happen before…