It’s A Christie Brinkley Kind Of Halloween


If we were to go back in time way back to 1983 one would see Christie Berkley in her role as a sexy diva in National Lampoon’s Vacation. She was quite the character and with the body that she has she certainly fit the part. Now it seems that this character role was revived when Jessica Simpson dressed up portraying this character for Halloween this year.

In order to create the look, Jessica wore a white men’s dress shirt and belted it and embellished the outfit with spike heels and teased out her hair. Christie was most impressed with the look to the point where she made a comment along with a photograph of Jessica on her Twitter account. She referred to the look being really cute and referred to Jessica as our National Lampoon who was lampooned out to perfection. She furthered her comment as the photo included Jessica’s husband Eric Johnson. Eric took on the look of Clark Griswold from Chevy Chase. According to Christie, she thought that they both looked hot and hilarious.

While there’s no mention as to what Christie did for Halloween and what she dressed as there is still a lot of talk about how amazing this 61-year-old celebrity appears in a swimsuit. A lot of talk about this was surrounding a photo that had been taken of Christie when she was in the Caribbean celebrating a friend’s wedding.

There is no doubt that Christie holds her age well in both her looks and her young of heart attitude. For those that are followers of Christie they certainly hang off of every word that she reiterates as to how she is managing to maintain her youth.  It is no wonder that her skincare line Christie Brinkley causes a lot of ripples amongst those that have the desire to have what Christie has when it comes to looks.

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