John Glenn Passes Away At 95 Years Old: The Last Of America’s First Astronauts


John Glenn has passed away on December 8th, 2016.  To many, he was a childhood hero inspiring the imagination of youths everywhere and furthering interest in space exploration.  We take a brief look back on his life in memory of all that he has done.

Life history of American astronaut John Herschel Glenn.

He was born on 18th July 1921. He is an American aviator, engineer and professional astronaut. He is also United States senator from Ohio. In the year 1962 he became the first American astronaut to orbit the earth. He circled the earth three times. Before he joined NASA, he was one of the distinguished fighter pilot. He participated in the world war two and Korea war. In the year 1959, he was selected to be among the mercury seven. This group of military test pilots were selected by NASA.

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Education background.

After he graduated from Concord High School in the year 1939, he joined Muskingum College where he study engineering. He later earned a private pilot license for credit in physics in the year 1941.

Personal life of Glenn.

Glenn married his high school lover Anna Margaret Castor in the year 1943. They both started attending Muskingum College in new concord. They both had two children, john David and Carolyn Ann. They remained married until Glenn’s death. His boyhood home has now been restored and made to be a historical museum and an educational center.

Glenn set a good example of someone whose faith began before he became America’s astronaut. His faith was reinforced when he travelled in space. After his second and last space voyage. He started to see some contradiction between believing in God and evolution. He lather thought that evolution should be thought in schools and its content should not contradict believing in God.

Savings and loan scandal.

Glenn was one of the five United States senators who were caught up by Lincoln savings scandal. This scandal happened when Glenn accepted a two thousand US dollars contribution from another client. Lather Glenn and his republican partner were the only senators exonerated by the senate commission. Senate commission after investigation found that Glenn has exercised poor judgment about the money. This scandal gave republicans hope of winning the 1992 campaign. Glenn defeated the republican aspirant and kept his seat during the 1992 elections.

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Illness and death.

In mid-2014, Glenn underwent a successful heart valve replacement at Cleveland clinic. In late 2016, Glenn was hospitalized at James cancer hospital at Columbus. He stayed in the hospital for more than a week before he passed away. Relevant news from the hospital reveal that Glenn being in cancer hospital did not necessarily mean that he had cancer. Family source said that Glenn had been in a declining health before he was admitted to the hospital. His wife, children and Glenns grand children had joined him in the hospital from day one. His health status continue to become worse while in the hospital. No cause of death was disclosed since Glenn had different health problems.

On December 8, 2016, Glenn died at OSU Wexner medical center where he had been admitted for professional medication. His death has weighed heavy on America. This was because of Glenn’s contribution in the field of astronomy.  He was a successful astronaut and a decorated military officer