Looking For The Perfect Gift? Introducing The Hexacopter with GCO3 With 4K Camera


Yuneec has been a leader in the drone and camera copter industry for quite some time, but the Typhoon H Hexacopter is really something new and special. It is the first hexacopter to join the ranks of the Yuneec line up, and has received rave reviews thus far. It is equipped with a whole bunch of cool, high-tech features that really give this new ‘toy’ an edge over other models.

The Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter is also equipped with a range of safety features that are designed and integrated in order to maximize the potential usability and enjoyment of owning and using the hexacopter while remaining within the confines of the local law in your area regarding drones.

The Typhoon H Hexacopter has an integrated flight ceiling of 400 ft above the ground level to ensure that the device does not accidentally wander into the No Fly Zone established for aircraft safety. Its ultrasonic proximity sensor allows it to take quick, daring turns, dips, and up rises without fear of running it into a large obstacle. Users can choose to program the Typhoon H Hexacopter to remain within whatever proximity of the launch site that they so choose, to avoid losing it. It also features an automatic return home function so that you don’t lose your way trying to navigate it back to your launch site.

The 4k Camera that it is equipped with is phenomenal. It is equipped with stabilizing technology to reduce blur and unwanted motion. This model may be a bit much for beginners, but drone enthusiasts everywhere are incredibly excited to get their hands on this hexacopter.