New Tesla Model S Gets An Upgraded Autopilot


Tesla is notorious for three major things; the quality of their vehicles, the speed of their vehicles, and their impressively consistent range of vehicles that take advantage of the absolute most recent developments in science and technology. Their vehicles are attractive, ingenuitive, and occasionally flat out genius.

The new Model S that Tesla came out with is one of the ones that is flat out genius. The Model S is the very first Sedan that is fully electric. While other models have followed that also boast the fully electric Sedan aspect, the Model S maintains the position for electric vehicle with the longest range; or distance and time that it can travel before needing a charge.

As though that wasn’t exciting enough, all of their other trademark features have been upgraded. In addition to the upgrades that have been made to the hardware, tech, and body, the software system now receives regular updates over the air in order to get you the fastest access possible to important updates that could affect the way you drive.

One of the most exciting updates that the vehicle has received; in relation to previous Tesla models; is to the autopilot system. This system makes it possible to hand over a certain level of the weight and responsibility of being a driver to your car. Once again, Tesla has constructed an impressive, futuristic vehicle that is changing the way we drive.