Secret Santa Anonymously Pays Off $50k Worth Of Layaway Gifts At Local Walmart


194 residents of Everett, Pennsylvania, came home to a highly unexpected, but great call on December 9th.

A “Secret Santa” had paid off their Christmas layaway items and they were invited to pickup their gifts, “when convenient.”

Ryan Kennedy, the Walmart store manager of the Everett location didn’t think much of it when one of his employees told him he had a caller named Santa B waiting for him on line 3.

That caller, who insisted on staying anonymous, said he would like to pay off the entire stores’ layaway, totaling $46,763.  Ryan said he almost dropped the phone when he heard the news.

“It was complete disbelief,” Kennedy said. “It was definitely a great gesture. I was completely shocked.”

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Layaway is offered to customers to allow them to hold items that they can’t, or don’t want to pay the entire cost of upfront.  During the holidays layaway drastically increases at stores as customers start planning for the gift giving.

After speaking with Santa B, they arranged a time for a friend of Santa B’s to drop off a check for the layaway amount.  Ryan received the check and promptly began calling customers to let them know their layaway items had been paid off.

“Some individuals were just brought to tears when they were notified about it,” Kennedy said.