The NBA’s Birthday Video For Larry Bird Is Instantly Epic


December 7th was Larry “Legend” Bird’s 60th birthday, and the NBA celebrated in a big way. Today Larry is best know as executive of the Indiana Pacers, but long before his front office role he was one of the best players to ever wear an NBA jersey.

Many of today’s basketball fans are too young to remember Larry Bird in action.  Instead their idols are Lebron or Kobe, who are both top 10 basketball players in their own right, but to watch Larry Bird play was truly something special.

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He wasn’t the most athletic guy on the court.  In fact he would probably be considered lumbering and stiff in today’s NBA, but his greatness went far beyond athleticism.  Larry was the epitome of refined skill and leadership ability.  He had a great sense for the game and always knew where his teammates were on the court.  You can see this awareness displayed in many of his elaborate pump fakes and touch passes.

In true Larry Bird form, when asked what he misses most about his playing days he says, “The trashing talking.  I was the best trash talker out there, and then I backed up my words.”

In celebration of Larry’s birthday the NBA released an updated highlight reel of Larry. And well, take a look for yourself.