The World Celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday


It’s crystal clear that Queen Elizabeth II birthday celebrations won’t come to an end as perceived by the recent happenings. The queen’s birthday was a celebration of her life, her dedication to the Commonwealth & international affairs, her love for horses and her deep participation and involvement with the Navy, Army and Air Force.

Three weeks after her birthday date she was treated by the royal family to a special party at Windsor Castle.  The event was a Who’s Who of the United Kingdom with many delegates and common allies in attendance to show their appreciation.

The queen received a kiss from her son Prince Charles, as she arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. Escorted by the prince they walked inside, where she took her seat and watched the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

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Seated next to her excellency was princess Kate Middleton dressed in a white Dolce & Gabanna gown which had a red Zara jacket that partially covered it. Both Prince William and Prince Harry were also present and took part in the show as earlier on they were seen in a Windsor Uniform.

Though they took part in the horse show parading, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were given more attention more than the horse show itself, evident by the care their horses were given as they rode on them.

Performing artists included James Blunt and Helen Mirren and the famous composers of the song” Your Beautiful” together with Dancing With The Stars alumna Katherine Jenkins who delivered a stunning performance at the event.

In the past several weeks the queen had joyous moments accompanied with special royal events to culminate her excellence’s birthday.

For instance, she posted for official portraits with her great grandchildren and later hosted a luncheon with prominent world leaders like the US President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama, the queen still has a full schedule at the young age of 90!

The actual commemoration was witnessed when the queen walked around Windsor Caste accepting gifts and well wishes from citizens who wanted to celebrate her 90th birthday with her, an event that happens once in a lifetime. The occasion was well reported and aired on E! News.

The queen’s tours adjourned at Castle hill, where on arrival she lit a beacon in Windsor, cut her birthday cake which was from Chocolatiers at Cadbury World, the most popular chocolate company in the UK.  Even Queen Elizabeth II herself takes chocolate on special occasions!

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