Tired Of Losing Your Belongings? This Product Is The Solution


If you’re like many of us and you lose things on a fairly regular basis throughout the course of your typical busy day, and lets be honest, you probably are, then the TrackR Bravo might be just the solution for you. Maybe you’ve tried other item trackers in the past and been disappointed by their limited capabilities and their short device life. Neither of these things are an issue with the new TrackR Bravo device.

The new TrackR Bravo device is automatically capable of guiding you to your lost or misplaced object within 100 feet. However, you can initiate a program within the app you use to track the device that will detect other TrackR Bravo users. It then utilizes the other existing TrackR Bravo connections to see if your device is within range of any of those points.

One of the top rated features of this device is the ability to replace the battery rather than having to replace the entire device as you have to with most models. It takes a CR1616 battery that can be picked up at any local store that sells watch batteries. Whether it’s your keys, dog, or anything in between that you find yourself frequently losing track of, the TrackR Bravo is perfect.

If you seem to find yourself looking for something on a regular basis, this may be your best solution. It’s practical and small, at the size of a US quarter. It has a long battery life and it is easy to find battery replacements for the device.